XENOTHERA announces the start of the second dose cohort in the FIPO trial

March, 2024.

FIPO is the first-in-human trial of XON7, the first anti-solid tumor GH-pAb issued from XENOTHERA’s disruptive antibody platform. XON7 is a first-in-class glyco-humanized antibody targeting several solid tumors, including major cancers such as pancreas, lung, colon, prostate, and ovary.

FIPO is a phase I/II clinical trial consisting of an ascending dose phase followed by a basket trial. The first cohort includes 3 patients who received a fortnightly dose of XON7 at 1.5mg/kg. The trial’s Scientific Advisory Board has validated the safety of this first dose and approved the inclusion of patients at the second dose of 3 mg/kg (at the same frequency).

« We are pleased with these initial data indicating the safety of XON7. Taken together, we have now 4 GH-pAbs that have been introduced in humans and have shown clinical safety. We are looking forward to the next clinical safety data, as each step forward brings hope to patients, which is our constant motto », comments Odile Duvaux, XENOTHERA’s chairman.