Innovative immunotherapy

XENOTHERA is addressing unmet medical needs with proprietary Glyco-Humanized Antibodies:

Genetic engineering of the bio-production species
Immunogen strategy and optimization
Enhanced therapeutic efficiency of GH-pAb mix
Pharmaceutical development done and stability data for more than 2 years
Translational development program experience

Therapeutic domains:

Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria
Viral infections


Odile Duvaux

Chief Executive Officer

M.D., Ph. D., formerly main partner in a consultant firm specialized in strategy DMJ Consultants


Bernard Vanhove

Chief Operating Officer

Ph. D., immunilogist, formerly Research Director at CNRS and INSERM, co-founder and ex-COO of Effimune


Françoise Shneiker

Chief Medical Officer


An agile company with a fast-paced development

XENOTHERA is a clinical stage biotech at the top of innovation, which creates new therapeutic modes in numerous domains. Our patented technological platform is built on a double expertise of immunology and genetic engineering. It develops innovative  approaches in immunotherapy by marketing Glyco-Humanized Polyclonal Antibodies (GH-pAb). Our antibodies are engineered to display high therapeutic properties. XENOTHERA’s platform ensures short-time development thanks to our mastery of the entire process, from animal genetics, choice of the immunogen, selection and purification of antibodies, and access to market authorization in accelerated timescale. Within less than 5 years, XENOTHERA has brought to clinic its first product LIS1, a novel induction treatment in Solid Organ Transplantation, addressing a $1Bn market. It has also established in vivo Proof-of-Concept in Immuno-Oncology and Multi-Drug Resistant infections.


Products in development

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October 2021 >> Official Xenothera newsletter /Lettre d’information officielle de Xenothera << # Download our newsletter (english version). # Télécharger notre newsletter (version française)

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[Press Release]Xenothera signs a memorandum of understanding with the Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup

September 9,2021. # Download our press release (english version) # Télécharger notre communiqué de presse (version français).

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[Press Release]Accelarated Scientific Advise from European Medicines Adgency EMA for Xav-19 Market Authorisation

July 8, 2021. # Download our press release (english version) # Télécharger notre communiqué de presse (version française)

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Xenothera is built on a worldwide network of scientific & medical collaboration

Related scientific papers

XAV-19, a Swine Glyco-Humanized Polyclonal Antibody Against SARS-CoV-2 Spike Receptor-Binding Domain, Targets Multiple Epitopes and Broadly Neutralizes Variants

B.Vanhove, S.Marot, R-T.So,B.Gaborit, G.Evanno, I.Malet, G.Lafrogne, E.Mevel, C.Ciron, P-J.Royer, E.Lheriteau, F.Raffi, R.Bruzzone, C-K.Pun Mok, O.Duvaux, A-G.Marcelin, V.Calvez

November 15, 2021


XAV-19, a novel swine glyco-humanized polyclonal antibody against SARS-CoV-2 spike, efficiently neutralizes B.1.1.7 British and B.1.351 South-African variants

B.Vanhove, S.Marot, B.Gaborit, G.Evanno, I.Malet, C.Ciron, P-J.Royer, E.Lheriteau, S.Denié, F.Raffi, O.Duvaux, A-G.Marcelin, V.Calvez

April 5, 2021. LINK

High neutralizing potency of swine glyco-humanized polyclonal antibodies against SARS-CoV-2

Vanhove, Duvaux et al, Xenothera.

July 25, 2020 LINK

Next-generation Porcine Low Immunogenicity Anti-Lymphocyte Immunoglobulins shows selective depletion of T lymphocytes versus Treg and Breg

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Anti-Neu5Gc responses in kidney allograft recipients after treatment with Rabbit Anti-Thymocyte Globulins.

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Next-generation Porcine Low Immunogenicity Anti-Lymphocyte immunoglobulins efficiently delay skin graft rejection in non-human primate

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Neu5Gc and α1-3 GAL Xenoantigen Knockout Does Not Affect Glycemia Homeostasis and Insulin Secretion in Pigs

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Anti-EBOV GP IgGs Lacking α1-3-Galactose and Neu5Gc Prolong Survival and Decrease Blood Viral Load in EBOV-Infected Guinea Pigs

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Rabbit antithymocyte globulin-induced serum sickness disease and human kidney graft survival

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Long-term IgG response to porcine Neu5Gc-antigens without transmission of PERV in burn patients treated with porcine skin xenografts

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Xenothera is a start-up in biotechnology, specialized in immunology, infectious diseases and oncology

Investors already trusted us since 2014 by funding the company for 8M€, completed with 13M€ non dilutive financing. We are raising an additional 45M€ in 2021 to develop our pipeline with venture capital. Our products will offer a substantial patient benefit and address unsolved major public health issues
To contact us, use the form or see our full contact below

Xenothera 1 rue Vauban – 44000 Nantes – France To join us careers@xenothera.com Press Contact : IZsoGood – Ingrid Zémor ingrid@izsogood.co