Corporate Social Responsability


At XENOTHERA, every employee is unique and brings its personal contribution. We encourage initiative and engagement. All team members participate in the success of the company through a share-participation program.


At XENOTHERA, we are fully aware of the scarcity of natural resources. We continually invest in new methods and processes to produce our treatments, in order to reduce water consumption, carbon footprint, and waste in our manufacturing.


At XENOTHERA, we are extremely concerned by animal welfare. Our strategy is based on the 3R principle. Animal data are collected only when they are mandatory and imposed by regulatory authorities. Experiments are systematically controlled by an independent ethic committee.


At XENOTHERA, patients’ cure is our first and main motivation. All patients participating in our clinical trials are informed exhaustively about their treatment, its expected efficacy and any possible risk. Their consent form is controlled by an independent ethic committe, whatever the country.