Our mission:

Pharma should treat people as quickly as possible.

But patients don’t wait, and neither do we. That’s why at XENOTHERA, we’re determined to get things moving. To bring disruptive and useful treatments to patients. We manufacture glyco-humanized polyclonal antibodies. More effective, better tolerated and applicable to a wide range of therapeutic indications, our treatments could well change the face of the industry, while improving patients’ lives.

Every day, we strive to push back the boundaries. By striving for excellence, of course, but also by challenging conventions, thinking patterns and other obsolete industry methods that prevent us from advancing in the interests of patients.

Thanks to our agile and competent team, equipped with an innovative, robust and ready-to-use technological platform, we are in a position to react quickly and find the right response to a wide range of pathologies, particularly emerging or neglected ones.
Our pioneering spirit and unique know-how are our strengths, but we are more than a research laboratory.

We develop our own therapeutic solutions with the keen intention of delivering them to patients quickly and effectively. Above all, we act where we’re needed.