is a clinical stage biotech company

developing First-In-Class drugs mainly in oncology and haematology. Our disruptive immunotherapy, based on a patented platform of Glyco-Humanized Polyclonal Antibodies (GH-pAb), addresses major unmet medical needs, especially in solid and liquid tumours. Accelerated development is made possible due to scaled-up commercial grade industry, regulatory and clinical expertise, and in-house bioproduction facility.

XENOTHERA develops two main assets: LIS1, in Peripheral T-cell lymphoma (First Patient expected S1 2024) and in Solid Organ Transplantation and XON7, a pan-cancer GH-pAb targeting solid tumors.

Based on its technological platform, XENOTHERA develops other assets in oncology, XON5 and XON9 which target solid tumors different from those targeted by XON7.

XENOTHERA has an additional portfolio in infectious diseases : XAV19, an anti-COVID GH-pAb accelerating recovery and protecting immunosuppressed patients; XAB05, an anti-multidrug resistant bacteria, with completed phase I; XAB06, an anti-pseudomonas GH-pAb in preclinic.