XENOTHERA : publication of the first-in-human trial of LIS1 in Solid Organ Transplantation

February, 2024.

For almost ten years, XENOTHERA has been committed to tackling major medical unmet needs.
Our first product, LIS1, aims at solving main issues for patients having received a solid organ transplant. LIS1 is a highly innovative glyco-humanized polyclonal antibody issued from XENOTHERA’s antibody platform, with novel immunosuppressive properties.
LIS1 was introduced in clinic in 2019 in a phase IIa clinical trial which ended in 2022, the Principal Investigator being Prof. 
Viklický Ondřej, IKEM, Prag, Czech Republic. Results confirming the safety and efficacy of the product were recently published in Transplantation, the reference peer-reviewed journal of the domain.
The paper entitled “First-in-human Study With LIS1, a Next-generation Porcine Low Immunogenicity Antilymphocyte Immunoglobulin in Kidney Transplantation” by Ondrej Viklicky, 
Janka Slatinská, Libor Janousek, Juliette RoussePierre-Joseph RoyerPierre-Louis Toutain, Emanuele Cozzi, Cesare Galli, Gwenaelle EvannoOdile DuvauxJean-Marie BACHjean Paul SoulillouMagali GiralBernard Vanhove and Gilles Blancho, is available in the Feb. volume of Transplantation (doi: 10.1097/TP.0000000000004967)
This achievement is a cornerstone in the development of LIS1 and of XENOTHERA since it validates our company’s technology in man. It is also a perfect illustration of a fruitful collaboration between academic and private structures.
LIS1 is based on the science of the 
CR2TI UMR 1064 Nantes, the world-renowned center of transplantation in Nantes, France, led by Prof. Gilles Blancho.