The first patient has been injected 2 weeks ago

[ Communiqué ] Nantes, December 12th, 2019

XENOTHERA is pleased to give you some updates on the development of our portfolio. After receiving approval to start the Phase I/II clinical trial for our LIS1 product developed as induction treatment in solid organ transplantation, the first patient has been injected 2 weeks ago. The DSMB has approved the enrollment of the second patient at a higher dose, which should take place in the coming days. We are therefore well in track with our development plan. We expect to have finalized this first in man clinical trial in S2 2020. With best regards and season’s greetings.


 About Solid Organ Transplant 

They are 130.000 annual Solid Organ Transplants globally, including 36.000 in the US and 23.000 in Top 5 European countries with a steady annual growth of 3%. There is an increasing demand in emerging markets and more specifically in China. With the ageing of the worldwide population and the booming of chronicle diseases affecting organs, there is an increasing need for grafts. Only in France, 12.500 patients are in a waiting list. 50% of renal grafts are rejected after 15 years. 50% of patients having received a lung graft died after 8 years.

 About XENOTHERA LIS1 product

XENOTHERA is developing a new generation of glyco-humanized polyclonal anti-human lymphocyte antibodies from genetically-engineered swine. The pre-clinical and toxicology package has shown positive results. The product is expected to be more efficient and safer than gold standard induction treatment in Solid Organ Transplantation.


XENOTHERA is a biotechnology start-up company which creates new therapeutic modes in immunomodulation, infectious diseases and oncology. Our technological platform is built on a double expertise of animal genetics and mastery of immunological processes. It renovates passive immunotherapy by marketing a new generation of hyperimmune polyclonal glyco-humanized sera. Our antibodies are engineered to display specific properties with reduced adverse effects and enhanced biological properties.