XENOTHERA presents at ESOT 2019



XENOTHERA will participate at ESOT 2019 that will take place in Copenhagen in Sept.19.
During the congress the preclinical data obtained with the first product, LIS1, for prevention of graft rejection, will be presented by Bernard Vanhove, COO, and Juliette Rousse, PhD student.
In the first two communications, the original data obtained with LIS1 in non-human primates will be presented. It demonstrates the interest of LIS1 vs other products in its depletion scheme (quality and duration of the lymphocyte depletion).
in a third communication, data obtained in patients treated with Thymoglobulin (Sanofi- Genzyme) will be presented. These results indicate the possible toxicity of carbohydrate moieties present on animal-derived antibodies used in transplantation.