Odile Duvaux, M.D, Ph.D

Chairman & Founder


Odile Duvaux is one cofounder of XENOTHERA and has been the CEO of the company since its creation. She has a track record in company creation and development and has worked as a chief executive since 1998, from which she has developed considerable expertise in the bringing to market of scientific innovations. She has been involved in strategy consulting for international companies for the last 15 years. Before this, she worked in a retail company for 5 years as communication director. For over 10 years, she has been working in sciences at Institut Pasteur of Paris (Prof J.P. Changeux), VPMC (Dr J Mariani) and Institut Pasteur of Lille (Prof. A. Caprom).

Before being involved in business activities, Dr. Duvaux worked as an in-house physician in several hospitals, and she performed extensive research activities in neurobiology and immunology in several research facilities (Institut Pasteur Paris at the Jean-Pierre Changeux’s Inserm and CNRS unit, and Institut Pasteur Lille at the André Capron’s Inserm and CNRS unit).