Prof. Cesare Galli

Genetic Engineering


Prof. Galli is a veterinarian with 30 years’ research experience in the area of assisted reproduction and biotechnology in farm animals. He is also a tenured part-time associate professor of animal reproduction at the University of Bologna. Positions he has held include: 1986-1988 research scientist, Animal Biotechnology Cambridge Ltd (Cambridge, UK); 1989-1991, Higher Scientific Officer, Department of Molecular Embryology, Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics Research (Cambridge, UK); 1992- 2008, Director of the Laboratorio di Tecnologie della Riproduzione, Consorzio per l’Incremento Zootecnico, Istituto Spallanzani (Cremona, Italy); 1996- 2000, President, European Embryo Transfer Association; 2009- present: founder and managing director of Avantea company. 2010-present, Co-founder and President Fondazione Avantea Onlus. 2014: Co-founder Xenothera SAS, Nantes, France. 2017: Co-founder Equigea LLC, Ocala, Florida. He is also a member of the Society for Reproduction and Fertility, British Society of Cell Biology, Società Italiana di Embryo Transfer, International Embryo Transfer Society, and European Embryo Transfer Association.

Prof. Galli has been involved in the development of nuclear transfer technology that has given Avantea a world reputation in the area of animal cloning. Amongst the “world firsts” is the cloning of a progeny tested bull (Galileo, 1999), the first horse (Prometea, 2003) and the first horse champion (Pieraz, 2005). In the last ten years, pig cloning has been developed with the birth of the first cloned piglets in Italy in 2006 and genetic engineered (GE) pigs in 2008 (Brunetti et al. 2008) combining GE and SCNT. He has the vision and the leadership to drive forward ambitious projects.

Prof. Galli will be the leader of WP1 and it will also be in charge of Avantea’s management duties, ensuring efficient collaboration and communication between Avantea and Xenothera.