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COVID19 / XAV-19 : Scientific and medical rationale

Français ci-dessous «  We are convinced that our treatment will be efficient, for medical and scientific reasons today published in international scientific journals, namely by Chinese teams who have worked hard for 4 months, and with whom we have established our first contacts” says Odile Duvaux, MD and CEO of Xenothera Our arguments are the following:…
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Xenothera presents at Toulouse ONCOWEEK 2020

At ONCOWEEK 2020 that will take place in Toulouse on Feb. 3-5, Xenothera will present original data from its Glyco-Humanized Polyclonal Antibodies (GH-pAb) platform. Scientists from Xenothera found that pAbs raised against given tumor cells show specificity, inhibit tumor growth, synergize with immune checkpoint inhibitors and owing to their mechanism of action induce conversion of…
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